Roadshow Felix Hermann - the little tractor on tour

How is a tractor compatible with the image of the Berliner Volksbank?

Within only a few weeks, Felix Hermann, the small Porsche tractor from the 50s, conquered the hearts of many people from Berlin and Brandenburg. Reconstructed at a disabled workshop, christened as happy Felix Hermann (Hermann Schultze was the founder of the first cooperative bank), he toured the city. He could be admired and tried out at almost all folk festivals and open air events. The cheerful Porsche tractor Felix Hermann symbolizes the down-to-earth nature and closeness of Berliner Volksbank to its customers. After all, Volksbank financed many of these tractors and other equipment for smaller farmers and craft enterprises in the 1950s.

Felix Hermann was also touring on Facebook as an Avatar. Again, he quickly gained fame amongst many fans - within three months, he was clicked on almost three million times.

AD AGENDA was responsible for the following:

Idea and concept

  • the roadshow at around 50 stations
  • the equipment and the whole trimmings
  • the avatar figure Felix Hermann
  • the social media campaign on Facebook
  • Media and press relations

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