ALEXA Golden Twenties Fashion Variety - 10 years shopping at ALEXA Shopping Center

AD AGENDA has been managing the ALEXA shopping center for many years. Diverse measures for customer loyalty and customer acquisition were designed and implemented by AD AGENDA. Among them are also many events such as the Great Christmas Market in Berlin right behind the ALEXA Shopping Center, with 2.7 million Visitors a year. These events stimulated a high frequency of visitors and therefore a high profile for the Shopping Center.

The events that took place for the 10th anniversary of the ALEXA Shopping Center under the slogan "Golden Twenties", were inspired by the Art Deco interior design of the shopping center. Diverse and sometimes complex hands-on activities, were also advertised with a poster and a Facebook campaign. These activities contributed significantly to improving the frequency and the duration time of visitors at the center, creating a unique, sustainable shopping experience.

Components of the event included inter alia:

  • Idea, concept,
  • event design,
  • planning and organizing the anniversary events over 10 days
  • press conference

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