CSR campaign 90 years - 90 good deeds- CSR campaign

How do you celebrate a 90-year company anniversary and send a positive-sustainable signal to your customers, employees, decision-makers from the capital and the media? The Berlin City and LandWohnbautengesellschaft mbH wrote this task out for a bid. AD AGENDA won the pitch with the idea of winning over employees during a period of one year in addition to their actual tasks to do a good deed for their tenants and to celebrate together afterwards.

The bottom line: well over 90 good deeds came together. Kitas have been renovated, green areas and playgrounds embellished, cultural and sporting experiences organised.  A variety of activities were developed through many ideas of the employees. This was well received by the tenants and the public. The campaign was honored with the "Human Resources Excellence Award".

Our services:

  • Idea and concept
  • Design of the campaign
  • Production of advertising material and publications, website, Facebook appearance
  • Organization of several events including a graduation gala with all employees

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