on tour with the LMBV

Our long-standing customer Lausitzer and Mitteldeutsche Bergbau-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (LMBV) invited us on 20.04.2017 for a viewing in the former Lusatian lignite mining district. With the SUV, it went across the rehabilitation area. Together we visited the area - today a lake landscape and a fast developed recreational area - which attracts a total of half a million vacationers annually.

It was equally informative and impressive to see the achievements of the LMBV and the extensive tasks at close range. Many thanks to the LMBV for a wonderful day together that will surely be remembered!

The LMBV is a promoter of brown coal remediation.
The aim is the rapid and economic rehabilitation of disused opencast mines and refining operations. Landrover went through the redevelopment area

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