Mission Statement

Being an independent agency, located in Berlin, we make sure that our clients experience sustainable and value-added success in the German market.

Giving. Ideas. Life. At all time, we want to enthuse people through profound ideas. We want to convince and we want to move them. We don’t need many words – we just do it!

Focus on the essentials. Based on an integrated understanding for communications we create lean, agile solutions. They function across media and without spreading losses. We go for maximum impact.

Responsibility for the best results possible. We offer more than simply getting the job done. As service providers and partners we fight passionately to make our clients winners – sustainably and with added value.

We are allies. Success is our common goal that unites us. We, that is the agency, our clients, all service providers, partners and our entire team.

Respect. Mutual appreciation is the cornerstone of every successful communication measure. We want to understand and relate for a more credible and authentic way of communicating.

Up-to-date. The possibilities for communications are becoming plentiful by the minute, and they don’t stop growing. We recognize trends and technical advancements before they happen. We are quick to implement them effectively to our clients advantage.

Local expertise. We function as an agency but also as networkers. Our ability to connect and our various contacts help us and our clients, in a discrete, quick and efficient way.

We are your partner for agile and lean communication.
As an owner-operated agency since more then 20 years we care for sustainable success and benefit of our clients.

Klaus Schneider, Jörg Drischmann

We assume responsibility

We do that for society, for our staff and for a social community. We are a mid-sized agency that stood on its own feet from the very beginning. This might be the reason why we’re convinced that business achievements and social commitment go hand in hand. We believe, real support is face-to-face and precise. That’s why we support causes like anti-violence in schools, career advancements for single mothers and are committed. We also support young Olympic athletes of the SC Berlin as well as the projects of VBKI, „Sport macht Schule“ and „Berufliche Förderung Berliner Leistungssportler“.

For many years  – pretty much since she was little – we are supporting ice skater Bente Kraus in her athletic and professional career. Today, she claims a spot in Germany’s national squad. In order to generate more income for social projects, we support the annual charity concerts, golf tournaments and bowling tournaments “Lions“ with graphics and copy text. We are fair employers to our staff and have created a good way of becoming attuned to one another throughout the years. It is the reason why our campaigns and communications projects are focused, because we share a common goal: the maximum impact for our clients.


It’s us – the ones who make your ideas come to life. We are convinced that lean and agile communications mean cost-effective and value-added solutions for our clients.

Portrait of Mr Thomas Avenhaus
Creative Director

Thomas Avenhaus

Creative Director

  • With AD AGENDA since: recently
  • Used to be: art bookseller and theatre scientist
  • Mission: Everything should mingle.
  • Naturally: MA theatre scientist, germanist, art history
  • Always available for: a journey with a car build before 1970
  • Motto: There is nothing good unless you do it.
Portrait of Mrs. Cornelia Schneider
project management

Cornelia Schneider

project management

  • With AD AGENDA since: 2008
  • Naturally: Interior architect, Dipl.-Des. fair and exhibition design
  • used to be: shopfitter, no mall is foreign to me
  • Motto: Carpe diem
  • Weakness: jelly bears
  • Passion: attention to details
Portrait of Mr Paul Nowak
Artdirection, Screen and Print

Paul Nowak

Artdirection, Screen and Print

  • Education: studies of communications design, FH Darmstadt
  • Professional background: design diploma, over 20 years work experience in an advertising agency and as freelancer
  • Believes in: the nick of time
  • Philosophy: of Karl Popper „alles Leben ist Probleme lösen”
  • Quirk: gusto for puns
Portrait of Mr. Günter Harke
IT manager, system administrator

Günter Harke

IT manager, system administrator

  • Education: certified Computer Scientist (University of Applied Sciences), Business Administrator (University of Applied Sciences)
  • With AD AGENDA since: 2008
  • Experience: 30 years
  • Professional background: self-educated in IT since 1979, always in a leading position in IT, annual trainings and certifications, lecturer at FOM
  • Motto: everything is going to be better…
  • Personal tip: www.fingerfoodberlin.de
Portrait of Mr. Dominik Pietzker
Concept, text

Dominik Pietzcker

Concept, text

  • With AD AGENDA since: 2010
  • Education: degree in Philosophy, History and Literature in Freiburg, Dublin and Vienna, Dr. phil., Professor for Media Management and Public Relations at macromedia Hochschule Berlin/Hamburg since 2012
  • Professional background: creative director, author, copywriter
  • Used to be: young
Portrait of Mr. Ben Boehm
Graphic design, web design, film

Ben Böhm

Graphic design, web design, film

  • With AD AGENDA since: as a freelancer since 2014
  • Education: nationally certified Graphic Designer
  • Experience: „niveau” is not a lotion
  • Motto: do not put off ‘till tomorrow…
  • Guilty pleasure: every kind of munchies
  • Believes in: the metric expansion of space
  • Always available for: walks in the rain, sunsets
  • Personal tip: a pinch of salt in the coffee powder
Portrait of Mrs. Gisa Kuhnert

Gisela Kuhnert


  • With AD AGENDA since: 1996
  • Professional Background: MBA
  • Believes in: nothing
  • Personal tip: don’t take yourself too seriously
Portrait of Mr. Paul Drischmann
Project management

Paul Drischmann

Project management

  • Apprenticeship: Eventmanager
  • With AD AGENDA since: 2016
  • Experience: you never fail until you stop trying.
  • Believes in: himself!
  • Allways ready: for Burger
  • Weakness for: women
Portrait of Mr. Jan Woltering
IT consulting, programming

Jan Woltering

IT consulting, programming

  • Education: Certified IT Business Information Engineer
  • With AD AGENDA: since the beginning of 2011
  • Experience: nobody likes to work when the sun is shining.
  • Professional background: The entire alphabet of the internet, from CSS to JAVA, PHP and SQL to XML – pretty much everything.
  • Used to be: general drudge
  • Specialty: 0100100101101110­0111010001100101­0111001001101110­0110010101110100
    [Or shortcut: 49 6e 74 65 72 6e 65 74]
Portrait of Mr. Henning Schulz
Production, Media, Project management

Henning Papke

Production, Media, Project management

  • Education: Administrator in Events (IHK)
  • Used to be: student, rowdy and apprentice at AD AGENDA
  • Mission: giving ideas life
  • Naturally: a football coach and passionate couch potatoe
  • Always available for: Kinderschokolade
Portrait of Mr. Klaus Schmidbauer
Strategic conceptioner in free collaboration

Klaus Schmidbauer

Strategic conceptioner in free collaboration

  • With AD AGENDA: as a freelancer since 1996
  • Education: diploma Business Administration (FH)
  • Professional background: since 2006 lecturer of strategic communication at TU Berlin, concept and execution of workshops, consultant, author
Portrait of Mr Andrej Priewe
Project management,
online marketing

Andrej Priewe

Project management, online marketing

  • Education: Business Administrator for IT-systems & for marketing communication
  • With Ad Agenda since: February, 2013
  • Experiences: customer service, technology (IT & Home Entertainment)
  • Professional background: customer service, technical management in the contact center
  • Passion for: strawberries
  • Strength: having a thick skin
  • Guilty pleasure: everything that’s fast
Portrait of Mrs Vanessa Trewhela Moraga
Graphic design

Vanessa Trewhela Moraga

Graphic design

  • With AD AGENDA since: 2016
  • Education: Master in Graphic Design and Communications, Diploma Theatre Design
  • Used to be: actor in theatre
  • Favourite project: family life
  • Interests: movies, theatre, circus, street art/graffiti, fitness
Portrait of Mrs. Elke Michaelis
Head of Communications,
Member of the Executive Board

Elke Michaelis

Head of Communications,
Member of the Executive Board

  • Member of the executive board
  • Education: qualified Designer (University of Applied Sciences)
  • With Ad Agenda since: 1999
  • Experience: customer service, project lead
  • Motto: everything is better with humor.
  • Interests: art, culture, dance
Portrait of Mr. Jörg Drischmann
Executive Partner

Jörg Drischmann

Executive Partner

  • Professional background: Dipl. rer. Pol. International Relations, International Law, Certified in International Economic Policies, Certified PR Consultant (DAPR)
  • Mission: I want every person to be well.
  • Specialty: loading the dishwasher
  • Personal tip: you don’t need to be able to fly to get on a tree.
Portrait of Mrs Natalie Körber
Senior Art Director

Natalie Körber

Senior Art Director

  • Education: Communications Design
  • With AD AGENDA since: 2010
  • Motto: move!
  • First thing I do in the morning: smile
Portrait of Mr Klaus Schneider
Executive Partner

Klaus Schneider

Executive Partner

  • Education: Dipl. rer. Political Science, Certified PR Consultant (DAPR)
  • Mission: mission impossible
  • Motto: whether you spend your time crying or laughing, it is the only one you have.
  • Always available for: a good joke
Portrait of Mrs. Agnieszka Małecka
Project management

Agnieszka Małecka

Project management

  • Education: Media and Communications Studies at FU Berlin, Apprenticeship as Management Administrator of Office Communication
  • Motto: “Don’t dream your life, live your dream.” (Tommaso Campanella)
  • World view: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” (Confucius)

Feedback of our clients

That's what clients say about us:


In 2012, AD AGENDA became the coordinating agency of berlinovo and has since handled all communications activities in the course of rebranding berlinovo within the scope of its responsibilities.
We have known AD AGENDA and the team for many years and appreciate their commitment, reliability and creativity when working together. We would particularly like to highlight the agency’s ability to think and work across different media.

Berlinovo Immobilien Gesellschaft mbH


AD AGENDA has been the communications agency of the BVK since 2007.
Our collaboration with AD AGENDA has been excellent. We would like to continue working together with AD AGENDA and would recommend the agency to anyone looking for great communications services.

BVK e.V.

Sonae Sierra

AD AGENDA has been in charge of organising events at Alexa since 2007.
During the collaboration, AD AGENDA has always shown itself to be an inventive sparring partner; a large number of the proposed events were successfully organised.
We can recommend AD AGENDA to anyone looking for an agency that, in addition to organisational skills, has a great deal of expertise in drafting concepts and strategies and is equally capable of bringing this expertise into a project.

Sonae Sierra GmbH


AD AGENDA has proven itself to be as a reliable as it is creative. The collaboration (consultation and creative execution) was characterised by a high level of professionalism, responsibility and transparency.
Therefore, we would readily recommend AD AGENDA to anyone looking for a reliable partner for developing the concept for an event, and for planning and executing the event.

Paulinenhaus Krankenanstalt e.V.


AD AGENDA is compound of very professional, reactive and skilled talents.
The team is close to their clients, which is highly valuable. They advised us perfectly and were able to quickly understand our business, issues and needs.
They are also pro-active and innovative, matching our company DNA.


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